Flood Donations

On January 22, 2024, Spring Valley, California experienced a 1,000-year Flood Event where 3-inches of rain fell in 1 hour.  Over 200 Spring Valley homes are badly damaged by 2 feet or more of flood water. The waters receded quickly but peoples belongings and property are severely damaged or destroyed.

So as a Community, let's come together and help those impacted and who are struggling to get through this.

The SVCA is working along with Local Churches and Organizations to collect and distribute donations to Spring Valley Residents whose homes were impacted by Flooding on January 22, 2024. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to donate money please use the link below. We will then purchase the items needed and distribute.

*Ziffy lets you set an optional transaction fee instead of the amount being deducted from the total contribution.

Donation Site:

Drop-off Donations:
Please email us at floodrelief@thesvca.org to coordinate drop offs.

What to Donate:

Bedding, blankets, towels and washcloths, kitchen items (new dishes, pots and pans, coffee makers, etc) are always welcome by those who have lost everything.

Personal-care items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, combs, hairbrushes, shampoo, feminine care products, etc.).

NEW underwear and socks (in the original packaging)

Cleaning supplies are always needed, as are baby products.

As a general rule-of- thumb please only purchase / donate items that you would buy / want for yourself.

Please email us at floodrelief@thesvca.org if you are interested in donating large items like Furniture & Appliances. Our drop off location will not have enough storage to receive these items, so we will coordinate with you separately.

What NOT to donate:

Our partners reserve the right to refuse any items

Please Do Not Donate Broken or Soiled Items – We do not have enough volunteers or time to repair these items, and your well-meant donation may not be accepted in order to make room for more useable items.

Clothing is rarely needed, except for NEW underwear, socks, etc. We also do not have enough volunteers to sort, size and display used clothing. 

Water is another item that is normally brought in at the request of government officials. Individual bottles or jugs of water are hard to transport and store, and can cause more problems than they fix.

Donation Site will run until April 15th or when all items are distributed. Remaining items after April 15th will be donated to La Mesa Spring Valley Educational Foundations C.A.S.A. program (https://www.lmsvef.org/casa/) and other Spring Valley Charities or Thrift Stores.

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