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Reporting Tagging & Graffiti 

Reporting Graffiti in Progress

If you witness vandalism or tagging in progress, call 858-565-5200 and report it immediately to the Sheriff’s Department. Do not confront the vandals. Although they may appear to be harmless, they may be carrying weapons. A Deputy will respond based on the priority of the crime compared to others for which they have calls at the time.

Where is the Tagging / Graffiti located?


Report to: San Diego County Code Compliance - Tell Us Now App

Category: Code Compliance

Nature of Complaint >> Graffiti


Report to: Caltrans - Customer Service Request

Situation Type: Graffiti

County Roads

Report to: Department of Public Works - Roads Service Request

Report Category >> Road Maintenance

Report Subcategory >> Graffiti Removal

Power Poles & Utility Boxes


email: or call 800-572-4545

Cox Cable

email: or call 888-566-7751

Helix Water District




Unites States Postal Service 



   When the Director orders a property owner to remove graffiti or be subject to the County's abatement procedure, the property owner shall remove the graffiti or cover it completely in a manner that renders it inconspicuous. When graffiti is painted over, the color used to paint over the graffiti shall match the original color of the surface or the surface shall be completely repainted with a new color which is aesthetically compatible with existing colors and architecture. The removal shall not leave shadows and shall not follow the pattern of the graffiti such that letters or similar shapes remain apparent on the surface after graffiti markings have been removed. If the surface area is heavily covered with graffiti the entire surface shall be repainted. The Director shall be the sole judge of whether the graffiti has been removed or covered satisfactorily.