County Graffiti Removal Program

On January 25, 2023, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance that allows public funds to be used for the removal of graffiti on private property within the unincorporated County.  This ordinance is now in effect, and the County has begun its free graffiti removal program.

How the Program Works:

With authorization, a County contractor can remove graffiti on private property within the unincorporated County by repainting, power washing, or other appropriate graffiti removal technique. If painting is necessary, we will try to match the existing color as closely as possible.  

A completed Graffiti Removal Authorization Form is required for this service to be provided. Property owners are not required to utilize this service; however, if the graffiti is visible from the outside of their property, they are responsible for ensuring its removal, either through their own efforts or through providing authorization to the County to remove it. 

How to Report Graffiti :

Graffiti on private property within the unincorporated County can be reported to the Code Compliance Division in several ways: 

By phone 24/7 at 858-694-2705 

By Email at

In person at the County Operations Center - 5510 Overland Ave Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92123

Using the Tell Us Now App (downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play Store) 

If you would like to request help with graffiti removal on your property, please also submit a completed Graffiti Removal Authorization Form.