SVCA has Adopted both East & West Bound On / Off Ramps of the 94 Overpass at Bancroft Drive. Join Us on the second Sunday of every month (except for Holidays & inclement weather) to help clean-up our section of freeway. All volunteers are required to watch a safety video and complete a Release of Liability Form.

SAFETY: Your safety is always # 1. Please follow all directions from Team Leaders and the safety video(s). All volunteers are required to watch Video-Part 2.

Here are the links to the safety videos, should you need to re-visit them or share them with others:

Part One


Other important tips:

  • “Work shall proceed in the direction facing traffic. A posted safety lookout shall be used when fellow participants are unable to watch oncoming traffic”

  • Everyone participating in the clean-up must wear the safety equipment: vest, protective eyewear, closed-toe shoes.

  • Guard rails: if there is a guard rail within the safe area to clean, please always walk inside of it and not on the shoulder.

  • Work must never occur under inclement weather.

  • No one may enter the gore-point area. It is not safe for you or Cal-trans crews to enter that area.

Do not enter this area under any circumstances.

Highway Gore Points
Bag it Move it or Leave it.pdf

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