Dead Animal Removal - Spring Valley, California

To request the removal of dead animals or road kill from Unincorporated County Roads (Spring Valley, 91977), call the County of San Diego's Hired Contractor, 24-hour phone line at 760-539-0012.

San Diego County Animal Services does not pick up dead animals on public or private property. Please see below for numbers to call.

Unincorporated County
To request the removal of dead animals from County properties, call their contractor’s 24-hour phone 760-539-0012.

County Roads
To report a dead animal on County roads, call our contractor at 760-539-0012.

Countywide - Private Property only for a fee
To request dead animal removal 24/7 from a private property, call 619-390-8204. There will be a fee.

CalTrans District 11, San Diego & Imperial Counties State Highways
To report a dead animal on state highways, call 619-688-6670 or 619-688-6699

Contact your city for more information.

Types of Dead Birds Collected by Vector Control:

If you find a dead bird that is on the list above, contact:

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm :: 858-694-2888

Weekends, Holidays, or outside business hours :: 858-505-6657

Or Email:

Why Vector Control Collects and Tests

The Vector Control Program collects and tests certain kinds of dead birds for the presence of West Nile virus, which can be transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. These birds are susceptible to West Nile virus and are good indicators that the disease may be present. Residents are encouraged to report dead birds to Vector Control for testing. Disease surveillance and early detection of vector-borne disease helps to protect public health and make neighborhoods healthy places to live, work and play.