SR-94 / 125 Interchange Project

From Caltrans Project Website: Link

Caltrans proposes to construct a direct freeway-to-freeway connector from southbound State Route 125 (SR-125) to eastbound State Route 94 (SR-94). The project extends more than two miles. The new connector would pass under Panorama Drive, Echo Drive, existing SR-125, Campo Road Overcrossing, the existing SR-94 Connectors to and from SR-125, and the eastbound off ramp to Bancroft Drive. The new connector joins eastbound SR-94 west of the Bancroft Drive Undercrossing.

Two auxiliary lanes will be added to the project. The first one would be constructed along southbound SR-125 between Lemon Avenue and the new connector to eastbound SR-94, which requires reconstructing the Mariposa Street overcrossing. A second auxiliary lane would be added along eastbound SR-94 between Bancroft Drive and Kenwood Drive, which requires widening the Bancroft Drive Undercrossing.


Q As part of this project, will the Mariposa Street overcrossing be rebuilt to allow 5 lanes in each direction on SR-125?

A Caltrans is still early in the design phase of the project, but currently propose 3 lanes on SR 125 in the NB direction and 4 lanes in the SB direction under the Mariposa Street OC. This project does plan to replace the Mariposa Street OC to accommodate a future project to widen up to 6 lanes in each direction. We are also looking at adding an auxiliary lane in the NB direction as part of this project which would create 4 lanes in each direction under the Mariposa street OC. -Feb 22 , 2021