Sweetwater Reservoir Multipurpose* Trail Loop

The Sweetwater Reservoir Loop Trail needs design & implementation of  a public access plan, completion of the trail to form a loop, improvements to existing trails and construction of staging areas along the trail.

Map of Sweetwater Loop Trail

Proposed Map of the Sweetwater Loop Trail broken down into segments.

Update: 2023-07-01:  Construct began on a new one-acre staging area at Lakeview Avenue and Quarry Road to provide equestrian and pedestrian access to the Sweetwater Loop trail Segment 5, and pedestrian access to Segments 6 and 7. The staging area will be accessed off Lakeview Avenue, and will include stabilized decomposed granite surfacing, ADA accessible parking, equestrian trailer parking, a pad for a portable restroom, and vehicle gates that will be locked at night.

Update: 2022-10-12:  2023-2028 Capital Improvement Needs Assessment - DRAFT  Virtual Workshop :: Sweetwater Loop Trail Acquisition / Construction: Segment 10; Scope: Acquisition, design, environmental analysis and permitting, mitigation and construction the multi-use Sweetwater Loop Trail Segments along the Sweetwater Reservoir. This project will be completed in segments.

Update: 2021-11-17:  San Diego County Board Supervisor Joel Anderson addresses PURSUING PARTNERSHIPS TO INCREASE RECREATIONAL ACCESS TO RESERVOIRS

Update: 2021-04-24:  The Sweetwater Authority and the County of San Diego have been actively working on establishing the alignment and constraints associated with what is referred to as the "North Loop Trail at Sweetwater Reservoir". There are several segments of the Loop Trail, some of which already exist (Segments 1-4). Segments 5-10 are the portions currently being considered. Segments 5-8 are proposed to be located on the north side of Sweetwater Reservoir from Lakeview Avenue to the intersection of Jamacha Blvd and Reservoir Drive. The County has allocated funding for Segments 5-8 and work related to design and the necessary environmental studies will begin this summer. Segments 9 and 10, which will ultimately create the loop connecting to the existing trail on the south side of Sweetwater Reservoir, are to be considered at a later date.

*An urban storm diversion system to capture any pollutants, such as those from horse manure does not exist at certain segments of the trail and until such a protective measure are put in place, horses will not be allowed on the trail in order to protect water quality.  Until then hiking and non-motorized bike use of the trail will form the basis of the trail design. 

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South Bay’s Future Greenbelt_ An Interview with San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox.pdf