2023-12-23 :: Housing First model

Unlike the United States, where the emphasis often lies solely on housing placement, Finland recognizes that people need more than just a roof over their heads to thrive. In Finland, they prioritize placing the individual within the housing unit, ensuring that they have a sense of purpose rather than merely survival.

2023-04-12 :: Ordinance banning certain homeless encampments passes

The City of San Diego will now vote on a new ordinance that would make it illegal to set up homeless encampments along locations considered to be at high risk of public health and safety, after passing a committee vote 3-1.


2023-04-11 :: (Un)housed in paradise: how the homeless can get off the street

Dignity Village (self-instituted DIY village in Portland): https://dignityvillage.org/

Chandler Tiny Home Village: https://www.hopeofthevalley.org/tinyhomes/chandler/

Safe Parking LA: https://safeparkingla.org/

Johnny's blog: https://www.granolashotgun.com/

2022-10-11 :: Partnerships to Address Homelessness Board Letter
Direction to explore the feasibility of purchasing sleeping cabins or sprung shelters for partner organizations to place on their property for use as shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

2022-09-27 :: San Diego County Board of Supervisors formally declared homelessness a public health crisis in San Diego County
The declaration of a public health crisis is a key step to drive further collaboration between our local jurisdictions, community organizations, health care professionals, and others to develop resources and a comprehensive approach. Under the leadership of the Board of Supervisors and the County’s Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities, the County has demonstrated its dedication to addressing homelessness with an emphasis on the social determinants of health and with the goal of improving the health of people experiencing homelessness.

2022-03-22 :: Since its inception in 2009, Amikas has had a mission of housing women, children, female veterans and has spent the last five years pushing for cabins to be made in order to provide a safe and secure shelter for homeless folks who may otherwise be sleeping on sidewalks or in canyons. 

2021 -12-15 :: The County and the City of San Diego today opened a new, 44-bed shelter in Midway for people experiencing homelessness and who are struggling with substance use disorders or mental health issues or both.


2021 -10-28 :: ABC News' Will Carr reports on Los Angeles’ newest initiative to provide security and shelter for the homeless through villages of tiny homes. 

One of Supervisor Joel Anderson's Top Priorities

Mental Health / Homelessness

"One of my top priorities is to bring more mental health and human services resources to help get mentally ill and homeless individuals the care they need to get off the streets. It is not fair to those who are suffering on the streets, law enforcement, or the communities where they reside, to continue to ignore the physically and mentally ill people who need shelter and treatment. I will work towards a more aggressive change in strategies that is compassionate without enabling unacceptable behavior on our public right of ways."     -Supervisor Joel Anderson


San Diego Unhoused Resources

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