Pathways to Housing for People Experiencing Homelessness in East County

BOS Meeting Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Agenda Item #15

On motion of Supervisor Joel Anderson
Report back to the Board by: February 16, 2022

The content on this page is information from the County Office of Homeless Solutions and does not reflect views or positions held by the Spring Valley Community Alliance. This is for informational purposes in effort to increase Community Awareness

BOS Directive:

ITEM 15 Compassionate Emergency Solutions and Pathways to Housing for People Experiencing Homelessness in East County (D2).pdf

Path Forward:


Upcoming Meetings:

None Scheduled at this Time

Recorded Meetings:

December 13th Community Input Session

December 19th meeting with SVCA (Meeting begins at 8:10 mark)

Possible site locations for Spring Valley
These are potential sites that are currently being vetted and proposed as options to the community.

Site A:
Park & Ride - 3601 Avocado Blvd

Option A: Safe Parking
Option B: Sleeping Cabins

Site B:
Goodland Acres Park - 8848 Troy Street

Option A: Safe Storage & Services Day Center

Site C:
Caltrans Lot - Sweetwater Rd & Orville St

Option A: Sleeping Cabins
Option B: Congregate Shelter

Site D:
Caltrans Lot - Sweetwater Rd &
Troy St

Option A: Sleeping Cabins
Option B: Permanent Housing (Tiny Homes)

Community Suggested Site #1:
Caltrans Lot - 8570 Jamacha Road

Option A: Sleeping Cabins
Option B: Tiny Homes

Sleeping Cabins:
Individual/couple units w/bed, desk, A/C and lockable door.
Safe Parking: Safe, legal location to sleep in one’s vehicle or RV (depending on the site).
NBC 7 News story on Safe Parking Lots
Congregate Shelter: A group site similar to a dormitory with shared living spaces and no private bedrooms.
Safe Storage/Services: A place to safely store belongings and access services/support that does not include housing on site.